That autumn my yard thought it had died and moved to New England…

I just happened upon this quick old Forgotten Weapons video, which was shot in my yard during the autumn of 2013 right after the wettest Monsoon in memory. These tall flowery bushes popped up everywhere, reseeded like crazy and grew – less tall and numerous but still present – for two more seasons until a cattle apocalypse put an end to them.

I kind of miss those flowers. Come to think of it I miss Ian popping around at odd times asking me to hold the camera, but he progressed to a much more professional level of presentation long since.

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4 Responses to That autumn my yard thought it had died and moved to New England…

  1. Robert says:

    Not a single thing in Ian’s video that I needed to know; nevertheless, it was as educational and entertaining as always. Thank you, Joel and thanks to Ian!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is the pear tree still bearing fruit from the blossoms?

  3. Joel says:

    The pear tree has never even threatened to bear fruit. I was told it was self-pollinating but there’s no evidence of that.

  4. mattexian says:

    I liked the video! I’m enjoying the study of the older pocket pistols, AKA “snub noir.” I’ve got a few wheelguns, including a great-grandfather’s well-worn .38 S&W (not “special,” not +P) of similar vintage to that IJ.

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