The “Cajun Navy” – Well played, carry on.

Also – damn! Folks in Louisiana still getting nailed. Volunteers doing what good people do, and apparently not a lot of horror stories arising from what bad people do. So far.

We got any TUAK folks out that way?

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3 Responses to The “Cajun Navy” – Well played, carry on.

  1. WOZ says:

    Documented stories of how the Cajun Navy was getting some push back from local authorities and FEMA. I recall the same issue during Katrina. People with boats ready to be put to work rescuing people from roof tops in New Orleans were gathered at a central location. They were told they had to go through a FEMA authorized “Diversity Program” and background check before they would be allowed to “help”. Some just left, some disregarded the instructions. None stayed for the diversity training.

  2. jabrwok says:

    We’re unlikely to hear anything like the post-Katrina horror stories. Those were aimed at blaming President Bush, so they wouldn’t serve any useful function anymore.

  3. Joel says:

    Touché, I’m afraid.

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