The extra dogs were just too much provocation.

Tobie has been doing really good with walkies. Today’s setback was due to poor route choice on my part.

We took what I think of as the long circuit: overland directly to Landlady’s ridge to visit the chickens, then down the far side of the ridge to connect with the dirt roads and take them for the long way home. And for all of the first part of this, Tobie was perfect.

What I’m trying to impart is that he can veer off the path and have a sniff any time he wants, but he has to come back when called and he may not hare off after things that run from him. So far that last thing hasn’t been an issue but this morning I led him into too much temptation.

At one point on the road there’s a house visible. In the house there’s an old lady whom I’ve mentioned before: She’s my physically closest full-time neighbor and I’ve literally never met her. She takes ‘hermit’ to heights of perfection I would find unpleasant. But (so says the jungle telegraph) she’s lately been in poor health and so has been getting lengthy visits from family whether she wants them or not. I know those people have unleashed dogs, because I’ve met them before on the road. So when I saw extra vehicles in front of that house I probably should have reeled Tobie in. Instead I let it play out, and that was a big mistake.

I knew I’d lost him the moment I saw him take the scent.

Sigh. So I followed him through the trees onto private property, and unsurprisingly found him cavorting with two larger, surprised but not unwelcoming dogs. One of the family members was out there with them, and we had a pleasant conversation about dogs before I leashed Tobie up and dragged his protesting torso away from the scene of the crime.

“But I want to go play with the doggies!”

We’ll stick to the wash circuit until the visitors are gone. Really need to get one of those trick collars.

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3 Responses to The extra dogs were just too much provocation.

  1. paulb says:

    Got a Brittany spaniel once with a magic collar on it. Got to far out and the shock made it keep running. Was playing in the yard with it when the owner came to a screeching halt on the road.

    Seemed to a clueless woman and it was “her” dog. Dog did seem to know here so I bid it adieu.

    Just calling them back in often should work

  2. Klaus says:

    I have been using a Garmin Delta xc e collar. It’s nowhere near the most expensive but still very good. Range is 1/2 has three modes and I never used the shock mode. They respond very well to the chime and sometimes the vibrate with the chime.You get them to circle back to you when you hit the doesn’t take too long with a smart dog and seem it would be perfect for where you are and you daily activities.

  3. Dennis says:

    According to the tracking info, the collar/remote and new charging unit for the training collar I sent you has been delivered to your mail drop. I hope it gets to you soon and works well for you.

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