The guy in the Rich Uncle Pennybags costume wins the whole Internets forever.


Someone dressed like the Monopoly guy is photobombing the Senate’s Equifax hearing


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4 Responses to The guy in the Rich Uncle Pennybags costume wins the whole Internets forever.

  1. Ben says:

    It turn out that wasn’t a “guy”. But yes, that was the perfect stunt. The idea apparently was so that those shameful bankers and data mongers to get the adverse publicity they so deserve before they slink off into anonymity.

    Even without that huge negligent data breach, who the hell is Equifax anyhow? And who decided (on my behalf) that it was OK for them to not only have my private information, but to enrich themselves by selling it to all comers?

  2. Robert says:

    They also make credit cards for about a zillion financial institutions. I was the fix-it guy for the machines that made the little plastic debt producers before Equifax unceremoniously closed the Madison, WI operation and moved the equipment to the Florida site. They promised the rumors weren’t true and no one was going anywhere as it was prudent to have two separate operations for redundancy; six weeks later, we was unemployed. A few months later, a hurricane took ’em out. Karma, baby!

  3. Joel says:

    Yeah, I was told the same thing when I was doing training development for Daiwoo. GM was buying the whole international shebang so they could sell GM cars in Asia. I and a roomful of others were solemnly promised that GM would never close Daiwoo Motor America, since it was the only part of the company making money.

    I said, “Yeah, you’re also the only part directly competing with GM,” and headed for the door ASAP. A few months later, everybody who stayed was unemployed.

    I do believe that’s the only time in my career I got that right.

  4. gojuplyr says:

    Been thru the downsizing, layoff thing at 2 companies. When management starts talking about some minor financial difficulties and promising it doesn’t mean layoff – update your resume and pound out applications.

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