The last of the wiring

I got stalled on the addition’s electrical work because I just flat ran out of wire. With last weekend’s care packages I could finally bring it to an end with the last lamps…

A couple of years ago Big Brother sent me four of these 12 volt exterior LEDs, thinking they’d be useful for yard lighting. They’re not very bright; I used two of them just to illuminate the 8X8 powershed and it’s none too bright inside. But I think they’ll do for the chicken yard, which is pretty close to the back door. Be nice if I can check on the chickens in the evening without a flashlight in my mouth, y’know? I planned this from the moment it was definite the cabin would have a back door, because checking on chicken alarms after dark is kind of a pain. At a minimum these should illuminate the rear landing, I suppose.

Can hardly wait for dark, so I can aim them and see how much light I really have to play with.

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4 Responses to The last of the wiring

  1. Ben says:

    Well? How did they work?

  2. Joel says:

    They work surprisingly well. Considering how underwhelming the first two of that type I put up were I didn’t really expect these to be of much value. And they’re not exactly blinding as long as you don’t look directly into them but they do light up the landing and the chicken yard adequately to see what you’re about to break your neck on and what’s eating chickens, so it’s a win.

  3. Edward says:

    hope you can use more wire cause that package at the drop has some, along with a homebrew tow strap.

  4. Joel says:

    Edward, I can always use more wire. It took me till this Spring to use up all the wire my brother sent me in November ’14, but I used it all up. And I’ve used every last scrap of that Romex from 2 months ago.

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