The only thing more tiresome than privileged people exempting themselves from the rules…

…is privileged people acting sanctimonious when the rules momentarily become convenient and other privileged people go under the bus.

The news has been full of rich’n’famous people dealing with accusations, often decades old, about things they’ve been doing with their hands and tongues and wangs. Perhaps you’ve noticed. People who’ve been working right next to the miscreants or their victims are shocked! They had no idea! Sure.

I keep trying to come up with jokes about it and they keep falling flat before I’ve finished writing them down, because it’s just all so tiresome – people have been pushing social limits about sex since the invention of la différence, people have been getting caught at it for about that long, and the infractions have been greeted with outrage or shrugs according to the style of the moment. I myself, while never anything remotely like a magnet to women, can think of at least two youthful indiscretions involving places my hands didn’t belong under the circumstances, that would have me very worried if I were currently in Hollywood or congress. Is it wrong? Yeah. Sure it is. It’s also human nature. Did your hands wander? Bad. Did you return them to your own lap when asked to? Tough shit, your political enemies (and former friends, apparently) will still crucify you if they can, or hand the executioner the nails if it will provide a moment’s advantage.

But posing for the photograph is just...well, that's Anthony Weiner-class stupid right there.

But posing for the photograph is just…well, that’s Anthony Weiner-class stupid right there.

Personally I find the odor of sanctity harder to take than the (often quite tame) misbehavior. People’s Exhibit One, from someone who hasn’t been accused (yet):

McConnell, R-KY: “As with all credible allegations of sexual harassment or assault I believe the Ethics Committee should review the matter. I hope the Democratic Leader will join me on this. Regardless of party, harassment and assault are completely unacceptable – in the workplace or anywhere else.”

Really? When did this start? Because unless this is very recent Senate policy, McConnell should maybe call it the “Except For Ted Rule.” Because (do correct me if I’m wrong) I believe Mitch McConnell was in the senate at the same time Ted Kennedy was and this iron rule never seemed to be mentioned back then. And Kennedy just had the highest profile, he was hardly the only one.

So forgive an old man, please, if I fail to be shocked by Franken’s adolescent vulgarity or McConnell’s new-found sanctimony. They’re both perfectly welcome to visit the underside of the bus and I hope they lose everything – but for reasons other than where they’ve been keeping their hands and other body parts.

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7 Responses to The only thing more tiresome than privileged people exempting themselves from the rules…

  1. Kentucky says:

    ” When did this start?” Um . . . sometime last week, I believe.

  2. Zendo Deb says:

    The rules never applied to the Kennedys. I seem to remember that one of the younger ones wrapped a car around a concrete bollard at a toll both somewhere in or near DC, and cops just took him home. “He’s a Kennedy!” Not even a warning. But then he was probably too drunk to hear it anyway.

  3. Zendo Deb says:

    And if the 15 million paid out in harassment claims over the past 20 years doesn’t include at least one senator from each party, I’ll eat my hat.

  4. Andrew says:

    Rules didn’t apply to FDR, the Kennedys, LBJ or Clinton. Not that I’m seeing a pattern here, but…

  5. Ben says:

    “Rules didn’t apply to FDR, the Kennedys, LBJ or Clinton.” Eisenhower was no saint, and likely you could add many/most Presidents to that list. Even Carter admits to having “sinned in his heart”.

    Moving to the Senate, that stalwart segregationist, Strom Thurmond had an unacknowledged illegitimate daughter by a black housemaid. Surely the list of creepy Congressmen and Senators would be long enough to fill a book, and would be equally peopled by examples from both sides of the political aisle.

    Still I can’t recall ever before having a President who advocates “just grab them by the ,,,,,”

  6. Now I’ve managed to live long enough to see the ‘global village’ proposition turned back around on those who’ve been wielding it…

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

    Not that this portends anything particularly positive in general – but I try to be a cynical optimist. So for entertainment purposes – this’ll work.

    I did get a bit of amusement watching McConnell (sp?) talking about how his pit of vipers wasn’t so sure about the bona fides of some other viper. Choirboys and vestal virgins – each and every one of ’em!

  7. gojuplyr says:

    Ethics Committee is where ethics complaints go to die. Ethics don’t go there since none of these people have anything resembling ethics. Yeah, let’s send this idiot to the Ethics Committee. But the guy who had actual real evidence presented against him for underage prostitutes and massive bribery? No ethics problems there.

To the stake with the heretic!