The return of Sister Creaking Springs

Neighbor D offered to come over and help me get my mattress down from the loft.

For occasions just like this, I made the loft railing easy to remove. It’s so close to the ceiling, otherwise it would be impossible to shift furniture.

Once I had it down on the floor I could lay out the bedframe, drill and screw the two halves together with self-tapping screws.

And there we are. Nothing to it.

I think we’ve pretty much loved this one till it’s real. 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll take this all apart again and attach the headboard. But today I have to do the meat and then get Ghost home and fed. Just too late a start; it’ll keep till tomorrow.

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18 Responses to The return of Sister Creaking Springs

  1. Ben says:

    What did you do about the missing caster: Block of wood? Bumper jack? Or do you just enjoy rocking yourself to sleep? 😉

  2. Joel says:

    I got one while in town.

  3. Claire says:

    How very bourgeois of you. 🙂

    A true redneck would have propped the corner of the bed up on … oh, a cow skull or something. (And heaven knows you have enough of those around.)

    Seriously, congratulations on finally feeling free to indulge in such wild & crazy fripperies as a brand-new bed caster.

  4. Joel says:

    …such wild & crazy fripperies as a brand-new bed caster.

    😀 I looted it from a dumpster behind the thrift store.

  5. Claire says:

    Oh, my apologies. Clearly your redneck credentials are still solidly intact.

  6. Judy says:

    Why are you taking Ghost back? Wouldn’t it be easier to take care of him from your place?

    Good to see you are making progress on the bed project.

  7. Douglas2 says:

    . . . thinking to myself, “yes, the marital bed has had one leg propped on an offcut of 2×4 since we moved into this place. . .

    Of course, in my case the differential settlement in a 130-year-old house has made the floor less planar and more hyperbolic parabolid, so having the ability to tailor leg-height makes the actual bed level, whereas the floor is anything but.

  8. Kentucky says:

    The way that bed frame is configured, it doesn’t appear that there will be a ready way to attach the footboard. Nothing lost IMHO . . . just something to stub your toe on anyway.

  9. Joel says:

    Completely true, Kentucky. The footboard can’t be used with this bedframe. As far as I can tell the footboard only serves to complicate bed-making, but it is kinda cute and I’ll install it if I can ever find a couple of bedrails such as the furniture was designed for.

  10. Zelda says:

    Wow. What a beeootiful room, sheetrocked, painted, electricity available, a heater, comfy and so tastefully decorated in harmonizing colors. Bedmaking??? BTW, who are you and what have you done with Joel the Redneck Desert Hermit?

  11. is the bed on an outside wall?
    better for winter to have on an inside wall or not against any wall.
    i write from experience.

  12. Ben says:

    My headboard is fastened to my wall, not the bed frame. That makes it easier to make the bed. That said, if the headboard has no particular function (such as attached shelves or reading lights) why bother?

  13. Ben says:

    “is the bed on an outside wall?” If I understand correctly, Joel intends to only heat the bedroom at night, allowing the rest of the Lair to get as cold as it wants to. That makes for four “outside walls”.

    That said, if Joel is a “wall sleeper” then your point may be well taken. I can imagine that a wall treatment next to the bed consisting of a 1″ slab of foam faced by wood paneling (or a door skin) would fix that problem.

  14. Joel says:

    The only real function I see the headboard serving is to keep my greasy head off the wall paint. That’s actually a pretty good function, now I think about it.

  15. Ben says:

    “That’s actually a pretty good function” OK, protecting your wall is a good reason for a headboard, but not necessarily a reason to make it part of the frame. I got the idea to fasten mine to the bedroom wall because that’s how motels do it these days, and it somehow made sense to me.

  16. Claire says:

    Besides, that headboard you have is charming. And it’s a charming room. Which will become even more charming with the charming headboard.

    Fastening to the wall is interesting, though.

  17. Hey, if your going to fasten the headboard to the wall you can turn the bed around and fasten the foot board to it.

  18. Judy says:

    “…you can turn the bed around and fasten the foot board to it.” Good idea, Mr. Conrad!

    When you get tired of the creaky springs, measure it up and build you an OSB-n-2X4 box the same size. You get a firmer mattress and, for me, a better night’s sleep.

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