There’s something about a baby…

I dunno – maybe it’s a pheremone thing.  Babies to which you’re not related are just babies.  You may find them cute or you might want to drop-kick them, depending on your mood and their activity of the moment, but you’d never throw yourself into a fire to save them, or – more to the current point – publicly behave like a complete idiot for their entertainment.

Give it a touch of blood relationship, though, and there seems no depth to which you won’t sink.  I did it with Daughter, and judging from the one picture I’ve seen of me as an infant my father was prepared to be photographed doing it with me.  So here’s Son-in-law Ari using higher technology to do the same thing with Granddatter Kaelyn.

She’s not really saying anything, Ari.

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  1. She is just lovely Joel!

To the stake with the heretic!