These damned things…

I had quite a number of big tumbleweed-gathering sessions in April, trying to clear my yard of them. Unfortunately April generally marks the start of the windy season, this one was exceptional, and of course tumbleweeds are really only famous for one thing so I knew I hadn’t seen the last of tumbleweeds in my yard. I’m still fetching them out from under bushes, though not in the wholesale lots the April sessions saw.

And when I get one I have a, dare I say, final solution…

Don’t tell Greta.

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5 Responses to These damned things…

  1. W Wilson says:

    I’ve heard that burning tumble seeds released has the is not good to breathe , it sure if it is.

  2. W Wilson says:

    Gas not has,weeds not seeds.

  3. Salty Dog says:

    Careful with those, they can burn really, really hot (but not for very long).
    And don’t drive through a herd of them crossing the road, the catalytic converter will start a fire. Ask me how I know.

  4. Mike says:

    You just reminded me of a chore I’ve got to do. While I don’t have tumble weeds, I do have a brush pile that overflowing.

  5. Divad says:

    Along I-25, the prevailing winds would pile up tumbleweeds against the fences on the east side of the road. I was driving on it the day the wind shifted, and they all migrated west again. A sight to remember.

    One boy scout camporee I attended in the desert, the “build a fire and burn through the string” competition didn’t have any restrictions on how tall the firelay could be, or whether the fire had to be useful for anything. The first scouts built actual fires, they took a couple minutes. Then one wiseguy pulled a tumbleweed in, shoved it under the string, and lit it up. Burned through in about 15 seconds. The rest of the day, that’s all anyone did. Using only one match got you some seconds subtracted from your total. Using a non-match ignition method got you even more seconds off. The final leader board had negative times on it.

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