This is so delightfully shameless. And they’ll completely get away with it.

The Clintons missed their calling, they really did. They should have been the villains in one of those infinitely-running soap operas. Probably not as much money in it, though.

I heard about this on Limbaugh in the Jeep a couple of days ago, got a chuckle and then forgot about it until this morning.

Clinton, who’s been on Trump about not publishing his tax returns, published her joint return for last year. The Clintons (claim to have) made a surprisingly small amount of money last year, a mere $10.6 million. And of that, they claim to have donated 9.8% to “charity.”

The funny part is which charity they chose, as CNBC reports without the slightest apparent irony…

Of the the (sic) $1,042,000 the Clintons gave to charity as listed on their return, $1 million of that went to the Clinton Family Foundation. The other $42,000 went to Desert Classic Charities.

Yes, Mr. and Mrs. America. Last year Bill and Hillary Clinton donated a nice round
To the most worthy charity they knew.


And they will totally pay no political (or, heaven knows, tax) penalty on this because the newsreaders continue to treat the laughably corrupt Clintons as the second coming of…I dunno, somebody really honorable.

The next four to eight years are going to be really entertaining. And by entertaining I mean horrifying. Somebody needs to bolt down every single thing of value in the United States, then peen down the bolts so they can’t be unscrewed. It really needs to happen right now.

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3 Responses to This is so delightfully shameless. And they’ll completely get away with it.

  1. Judy says:

    Takes all kinds don’t it!

  2. Ann Scheu says:

    And…. Desert Classic Charities donated $700,000 to Clinton Family Foundation in 2015 for obesity programs. Hmmm

  3. mutti says:

    If people don’t care about the efforts of some bright young-starry eyed Lawyer who does this, why would they care enough about a few bucks?

    Whoever cared enough to remember this 12 yo girl may or may not be for the Orange One – I guess, at this point, what difference does it make?

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