This is so great. I can hardly wait till the government runs the whole American health care industry.

Then our loving masters will at last have the true power they need to protect and care for us all! For as long as we’re useful to the State, we need fear nothing! And when we’re too old or sick to serve, we can quietly drift away in the happy knowledge that we’ve done our part!


[T]he new rules, drawn up by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in Hertfordshire, say that obese patients “will not get non-urgent surgery until they reduce their weight” at all, unless the circumstances are exceptional.

The criteria also mean smokers will only be referred for operations if they have stopped smoking for at least eight weeks, with such patients breathalysed before referral.

The CCGs already delay surgery for up to nine months for those with a high BMI, telling them to lose at least 10 per cent of their weight.

The new rules increase the amount of weight the heaviest patients must lose – and crucially, they mean those who fail to lose weight or give up smoking could wait indefinitely.

Imagine all the people/Dying on command/You-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo/You may say I’m a dreamer/But I’m not the only one…

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6 Responses to This is so great. I can hardly wait till the government runs the whole American health care industry.

  1. M says:

    At least you only get fined for inappropriately going to the Dentist…on the “free” National Healthcare Service…that is mandatorially paid for through Taxes.

  2. joe tentpeg says:


    The VA hasn’t got ‘free healthcare’ right for 50 years for guys minus arms, legs, and other parts.

    And somehow Uncle Sugar is gonna magic that success for 330 million.

  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    Remember that our cousins across the water refer to Hertfordshire as “Herts”, for short.

  4. MJR says:

    Except for the target, the song remains the same. Up here in Canada the target isn’t the obese it’s the smoker. One good thing is these proposals have little to no sway in the political scheme of things.

  5. MamaLiberty says:

    Don’t know who said it first, but it goes something like: If you think America’s health care system is messed up and expensive now… just wait until it is “free.”

  6. it was inevitable. saw it coming decades ago. only God can help us because it will take a bunch of texas sized miracles.

To the stake with the heretic!