“This is starting to feel like a bad idea.”

So said Neighbor D, 15 minutes into trying to straighten out the corral partition in their horse run.

We hadn’t anticipated how deeply the sections had sunk into the clay over the years…

Which, once we had laboriously dug one out, made reconnecting it to its neighbor kind of problematic…

And it was all more work in the hot sun than two old men wanted to do for more than a few minutes at a time.

So in the end we tried cheating…

…and that didn’t do a lot of good either. Finally decided that the only way to do it right would be to tear it out and do it again – and that was also more work than the problem was worth. In the end we agreed it wasn’t that much of a problem in the first place.

On the way home, I ran into the neighborhood’s answer to a traffic jam!

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One Response to “This is starting to feel like a bad idea.”

  1. WAYNE DYGERT says:

    Maybe if you talked your neighbor into getting an auger to go on his tractor….OTOH it’s ok as is works too

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