Tobie belatedly gets his bone

Busy day. Did laundry and yard chores till 11:30 when I had to run meet D&L for the long drive to the Palace of Food. Didn’t actually get home to the Lair till 3:30 because I walked a bunch of heavy stuff to Ian’s Cave and by the time I got all the groceries put away in all their various places I was beat. So I crashed for an hour, then it was time for Tobie’s walkie when I realized I’d neglected to wash a load of t-shirts*. I spent that time packaging meat for the freezer and we didn’t get home for good until like quarter to six. I’m ready for bed. Tobie walked into the cabin and straight to the gun rack where I’d hung my bag after coming in from the store, and stuck his nose directly into the bag. Where I’d completely forgotten all about…

…his new chew bone. And no more fooling around, Uncle Joel, Tobie wanted his bone. He’d clearly been smelling it for hours.

*It looks like it’s going to be a weevil season: The tin shed where I store seasonal stuff is rodent-proof but not bug-proof and an infestation has already begun. Yay, another chore: I need to empty and clean out the shed.

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6 Responses to Tobie belatedly gets his bone

  1. Mark Matis says:

    So the other large bone is no more?

  2. Ben says:

    In dealing with their humans, our pets are faced with a tremendous language barrier, yet they are amazingly resourceful at getting their ideas across to us. Especially those ideas that have to do with their own needs and desires.

  3. Joel says:

    MM, those big bones make way too big a mess for a tiny cabin. Sorry.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    OK, thanks! Sorry about that.

  5. foyadah159 says:


  6. doubletrouble says:

    Love to see a happy Tobie.

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