Unexpected care package day!

Landlady came up last night, and the only package I expected from her was some Britta filters. Instead I got two food packages and somebody hit my wish list pretty hard.

These were sent to me by someone who only identifies as “WJW,” and I don’t know who that is but I do appreciate the useful gifts. The Wishlist tends to be the dump for things I think might be useful but I’m not willing to risk that much money to find out. In this case, onions are always a problem because of limited shelf life and wastage. I eat onions with a lot of stuff but I’m always running out or finding out the last onion in the hanging bag has gone mushy. I thought, ‘a can of dehydrated onion shreds might be just the fix,’ and now I get a chance to find out. Also I’ve got rain gear out the kazoo but for some reason no waterproof hat. This one looked like a simple solution to that, especially with Monsoon coming. But I could never bring myself to spend ten bucks on a hat. So thank you very much, whoever you are!

Colorado Hermit sent a food packet quite unexpectedly…

Coffee! Including something I haven’t tried before, which is always fun. Canned meat! And a package of Pup-peroni, which is Laddie’s current favorite. He’d live on nothing but that and biscuits if I let him. Thanks, CH!

And BB sent me a gift from Wally World…

Much canned meat and snackies and dog biscuits, plus a whole bunch of applesauce I’m going to run over the ridge and put in Ian’s fridge for afternoon treats.

Thanks guys! With you around I’ll never starve.

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5 Responses to Unexpected care package day!

  1. Ratus says:

    On the dehydrated onions, I’ve used a bunch of different ones from the cheapest Walmart brand to the more expensive McCormick ones. Not much difference between them, but they all work great.

    Perfect for stews or sauces, I put them in anything I make with ground beef.

    I really only use fresh onions when I want/need large pieces or the texture.

    Like some of these cheating “sautéed” onions. seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/08/quick-caramelized-onions-recipe.html

  2. Robert says:

    My late roomie dehydrated a big batch of onions once. Inside the abode. The key word is once. Ask me how I knew they were onions before he told me. Then there was the time he tried to saute jalapeno peppers. Shoulda kept my gas mask from the military…

    Seriously, Joel, you could dry your own and not have mushy onions. Outside, please.
    I recently dried watermelon (took for-evar) and peaches and strawberries to avoid the storage issue.
    Your electricity limitation would, perforce, require sun drying, although your nocturnal wildlife might be an issue without bringing your goodies inside overnight.

  3. maDDtraPPer says:

    Not just any coffee but Kicking Horse! I brought some down to the desert here with me this time, just so I can have a little bit of “home” once and a while during my tour. Haven’t been here in a while good to see your doing well Joel.

  4. WJW says:

    Did the onions work out?

    I have the same hat and it is waterproof but I think they overestimate the breathability. In my part of Texas I can only wear it Dec-Feb or the sweat defeats the purpose of the hat if worn for more than 30 minutes.

  5. Joel says:

    The onions work great! I’m going to get another can for the pantry.

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