Unexpectedly busy day so far…

So early yesterday we had that snowstorm and then it was gloomy all day. Ran the Honda to charge the batteries up to full, so I didn’t have to worry about hauling my old bones up a scary slippery ladder to clean off the roof panels. They’re still not quite clear of snow.

We didn’t lose much snow yesterday but today started sunny and now we’re getting a lot of mud. But the grade to Ian’s place is still deep in snow so I took Tobie down the driveway to the wash instead. It’s been so long since we took our morning walk in the wash I almost forgot why we don’t usually do that – Tobie is a slave to his nose, and I swear every one of God’s creatures uses the wash for something. Never mind the snow, which always makes him forget his manners: His nose was pulling him in so many directions at once he didn’t know what to do – but paying attention to the rules wasn’t one of those things. Forgiveness is easier than permission.

Speaking of snowy walkies…

Having only one meat foot, I need only one good snow boot. And I have a really good one courtesy of a generous neighbor who started out in Minnesota where they presumably know a thing or two about snow. Since we don’t actually get that much snow annually I expect this boot to outlast me – but I’ll keep it in good shape in the meantime because it’s the nicest I’ve ever owned. Sorel, I think?

Anyway – since it was sunny I sorted laundry and trudged up to Ian’s to wash a load. I was just about to start hanging it on the line when I got a text: Neighbor L wanted to go to town to get a load of pellets and did I want to tag along. Amazon had assured me that my Jeep window hinges were waiting for me so I hurried up, hung the laundry, chipped the ice off the Jeep, changed boots and got to D&L’s in time to catch my ride. The hinges were not, in fact, waiting for me. Harrumph.

But now it was time to run home, grab a bite, put on my back brace, and then Tobie and I had a nice Jeep ride back to D&L’s to unload wood pellets.

Neighbor D is home but still laid up but we have a newish neighbor, youngest in the Gulch by far, who’s amenable to come help unload a ton of pellets so it wasn’t just L and me and we got it unloaded and stacked in no time.

And now I’ve got a new pallet for the stack, got the Jeep as closed up as possible because the weather’s supposed to be weathery again, and I need to do all the afternoon stuff: Set a fire in the woodstove, fill the woodbox, wash dishes, then go up to Ian’s and get my laundry off the line before (early) dark. A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

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4 Responses to Unexpectedly busy day so far…

  1. Mike says:

    It’s good to see that you guys are getting some new blood to help with the heavy stuff.

    Sorel Pac boots are great. I’ve had a pair of Sorel pac boots that I’ve worn regularly in the winter, for the last twenty-five years. Sorel boots were made by Kaufman Footwear of Kitchener, Ontario, which sadly declared bankruptcy in 2000. They were bought out by Columbia Sportswear of Portland, which outsourced the manufacture to China.

  2. ka9vsz says:

    Amazon appears to be quite unclear on the meaning of the word “delivered”.
    My solar panels arrived two weeks after Amazon’s ETA.
    The tracking data (complete with delivery photo) indicated they had been delivered to a state 1,200 miles away AND 18 months before I ordered them. Great system.
    Good luck with your hinges.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Neighbor helping neighbor, and Tobie gets a Jeep ride, this is a GOOD kind of busy!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a great day of productivity with a minimum of stress.

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