Unscheduled care package!

A couple of weeks ago I bitched that my folding knife was about to fall right through the leather of its belt sheath. It’s not like it owes me anything, I don’t remember exactly when I bought that knife but it was well over 30 years ago, maybe over 35.

I went to the area’s only real sporting goods store and they didn’t have anything that would fit. But Kent McManigal sent me an old sheath he had laying around, and it’ll be a pretty good fit once it relaxes a little…
And just in case I forgot where it came from, he added a reminder. 🙂
Of course I’ve already got one of those – sort of. Had it for years…
I’ll find someplace nice for the patch, though. Thanks, Dullhawk!

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6 Responses to Unscheduled care package!

  1. You are very welcome. Just glad I could help a little.

  2. anonymous says:

    Very kind of you to do that sir.

  3. Where can a person buy a patch like that?

  4. From me.
    They are $5 each, with $1 shipping and handling. I will give substantial breaks on shipping and handling for multiples. (http://dullhawk.com/shop.html)

  5. Joel says:

    I’ll put the link on the post.

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