I like knives.  I’ve got more knives than I use, and only money keeps me from collecting art knives.  Back before I was married I had a modest collection, but of those I only retained a couple of old Gerbers and they’re not technically art knives.  A neighbor recently bought a couple of knives from this guy, and started an itch I may just need to scratch.

Art knives are expensive.  Art knives with real pattern-welded steel are very expensive, and for very good reason.  How this guy can sell his for such low prices is a bit of a mystery – I suspect a person who actually tried to use these knives on an EDC basis would be disappointed.  But then they’re not really meant to be used.  I just like to hold them up to the light and look at them, like Chief Dan George’s rock candy.

My neighbor likes Bowies, but I think maybe this one is my favorite of the current crop…

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3 Responses to WANT

  1. Beautiful! And hell no I wouldn’t use it…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful, I agree. I looked at all that eBay seller’s wares and was very impressed by the photos.

    But I think you’re right to be suspicious of the prices. Blades like those, of good quality, ought to cost many (many!) hundreds, even on eBay. Something doesn’t seem right.

    But yeah … gorgeous.

  3. Joel says:

    Yet I’ve fondled two of them, and the fit and finish are as good as anything I’ve ever seen. They don’t balance extraordinarily well, but it’s not particularly bad, either, and a lot of that’s a matter of taste.

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