Washington DC is getting a new statue.

I am absolutely not making this up.

WASHINGTON (WMAL) — Plans to erect a statue of former DC Mayor Marion Barry outside the Wilson Building are moving forward.

This week, the City Council was briefed by Arthur Espinoza, the executive director of the DC Commission of the Arts and Humanities at a public hearing about the statue.

While the DC Council has yet to approve the statue, the eight foot clay model has already been sent to the foundry where a mold will be created.

Vince Gray, the councilmember for Ward 7 and former Mayor of DC, said he expects the council vote to be unanimous in favor of installing the statue. “It’s the right thing to do,” Gray said.


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5 Responses to Washington DC is getting a new statue.

  1. anonymous says:

    Ayup, I hear the dedication plaque will have ‘crack pipe’ bolt heads at the four corners …

  2. Unclezip says:

    “expects the vote to be unanimous”. Uh-huh. Vote aye, you racists!

  3. Zelda says:

    Anything to do with the Confederacy and its politicians and war heroes and symbols has to be taken down and put away because we don’t want to offend anyone…but we can spend $300,000 of taxpayer money to “honor” a crack cocaine smoking politician who did 6 months in jail (well gosh, anyone can make a mistake and get caught, right?) with an 8 foot tall statue? and what a dignified statue it is. He’s in a business suit and snakeskin shoes, not jail garb holding a sign with a number on it. Hmmmmm….

  4. Brass says:

    I hope the plaque has his most famous quote from his finest moment. That’s how he deserves to be remembered.

  5. Borepatch says:

    “The Bitch set me up”.

    Don’t ever change, D.C.

To the stake with the heretic!