Well, hell. RIP, Mike Vanderboegh.

Courtesy of Claire I get word that Mike Vanderboegh has passed away. Not a surprise, of course: He lasted months beyond what the doctors gave him.

I’ll confess to not really being Vanderboegh’s biggest fan. Though of course I was uninvolved with that III% rivalry nonsense Mike still went off in a direction or two with which I did not agree. But love him or hate him he was always on the side of the angels, actively and bravely so. Just as the one example that comes to mind, let it always be remembered that if not for him and Codrea we’d never have heard of Fast & Furious.

We’ve known for sure it was coming since January, but still – today the world is a slightly less colorful place. If there’s an afterlife, I’m sure Mike Vanderboegh is already working up plans to give it hell.


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