Well – it looks kinda cool, anyway…

Yesterday after the thunderstorm I finally got around to loading test batches for my new Low-Power .44 Load project, and this morning I went out and shot them. Which also gave me a chance to play with that chronometer Ian sent up over a week ago.

It turns out – as is warned of in the chrono’s manual – this thing isn’t best in really bright sunlight. Like, it’s really frustratingly unreliable. Lots of errors, lots of failures to detect the bullet. I ended up rebooting the damned thing after every shot because of all the “memory full” errors.

Curiously, since I had the AK right there I fired half a dozen rifle rounds past the chrono and it suddenly worked great. Now, why would that be?

The good news, though this is the topic of another post, is that this new powder I’m working with seems much better for low-power loads than Bullseye. But I still want reliable velocity data.

We’re headed into Monsoon here; the typical pattern is lovely sunny mornings followed by apocalyptic afternoons, with the rare scattered survivors treated to nice cool evenings. Last night I actually slept soundly through the night, waking only once because I was too cold. Nice! But it does mean you want to get your outdoor chores done in the morning.

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