What do you call that? A storm?

Storms have drama. Danger. At least a threat of property damage. This was just two days of sudden wet winter.

The forecast says no more clouds and that tomorrow will touch 60o. So say hello to mud. I just got back from my first walkie since Saturday. Not really happy about the footing on downgrades, but the Jeep appeared to be pretty much frozen solid and I decided to wait and let the sun take care of that.

Two days of zero sun had a measurable effect on the batteries…

But that will correct itself today.

The sky cleared overnight, so the outside temperature dipped just barely into the teens. That gave me an excuse to break out one of my favorite bits of winter kit for my trip to chicken chores.

I know I say it monotonously often this time of year but I always wanted one of these, throughout my adult life and for a good bit of childhood. Just never had the bucks. Nicest coat I ever owned, and I try to keep it nice. It was another reader gift, and this’ll be its fourth winter at the Lair.

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8 Responses to What do you call that? A storm?

  1. Ben says:

    Our favorite desert hermit professes to hate winter, but I’m convinced that he at least loves the change of seasons.

  2. Maria Lexi says:

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  3. Kentucky says:

    I’d heard of things like Maria’s attempt.

    S’pose you could get $50K per “article” from her while requiring at least one “article” per month?


  4. Ben says:

    Yes, we have nothing but the highest quality readership here. Maria should expect to pay big-time if she wants access to us.

  5. Joel says:

    Remarkable. I get several emails a week exactly like this, but most of the blog spam is gibberish the filter has no trouble removing. I’ll leave this one here since there are already replies, but if it becomes a trend I’ll remove them as I see them.

  6. Ben says:

    There must be a way for spammers to gain from this crap, or they wouldn’t bother doing it. But damned if I see how. Does anyone understand the business motive of Maria and her spammer friends?

  7. Mark Matis says:

    They sell their wares to those who get their “news” from CNN…

  8. Mike says:

    “Storms have drama. Danger. At least a threat of property damage”

    Over the years, weather reporters have morphed from being simple prognosticators into weathertainers. And, it’s the doom and gloom they vomit about minor dustings like this which make me crazy.

    I’ve always liked the Carhart brand of clothing. I have been wearing a Carhart chore coat regularly for the last ten years with little signs of wear. With the experience I’ve had with the chore coat, I understand your fondness for them.

    As for Maria Lexi, that’s the price of being popular I guess.

    Oh, I almost forgot… Did you fix the rear window hinges??

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