When Politicians Perpetuate Stereotypes

Hey, remember back in ’92, when Bush I was mystified by the sight of a supermarket scanner? Actually there’s some evidence the incident never really happened, at least not as reported, but that didn’t matter because nobody had any problem believing it at the time.

And so it is with the Family Obama. So Michelle got her picture took in a Target. Did anybody in the White House really believe that a single citizen of This Great Land Of His would buy for a moment that Michelle just took it into her head to pop into a Target and pick up a few things for an upcoming state dinner? Or that Michelle had ever actually been in a Target, possibly in her entire life, certainly since The Big O made it to the senate? Or that there “just happened” to be professional photographers present? Did they believe that anyone is unaware of the kind of expensive logistics involved in moving members of the Modern White House Family around? Wars have been fought with less advance planning. Not successfully, but…

Point being: Stereotype of First People being clueless and out of touch with the people they purport to rule. Check. Got it. Yet we’re all supposed to say “Aw! She’s just like us!”

Now to counter this amazing coup the GOP needs Rick Perry to put on a big dorky helmet and get into a tank…

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3 Responses to When Politicians Perpetuate Stereotypes

  1. Carl-Bear says:

    Stupid pandering aside, I thought it was remarkably appropriate to put Michelle “Lobstersbane” Obama in a target.

    (You may now report me.)

  2. “Aw! She’s just like us!”

    Not exactly, she doesn’t seem to know that the bags go back in the cart after check out, not hold them pushing cart around empty…but I am sure I am nitpicking…right?

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Gosh… the things I miss when I’m working.

    Michelle can have Target all to herself, actually. I can’t stand the snobbish place.

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