Where is Pol Pot?

History is dotted with bizarre revolutionary movements that found brief local success, generally through exploiting a power vacuum. They rule through wild promises and terror, first purging “others” they can demonize as looters and wreckers, then turning on their own membership for the crime of insufficient revolutionary zeal or whatever. Their cultural goals are often, well, bizarre – and they usually prove efficient only in the manufacture of body piles. Most reasonable people, whatever their other differences, consider these movements a development to be avoided.

Their Great Leaders often end badly, but not before generously spreading a lot of horror. One thing all these movements have in common, though – there’s always a Great Leader.

Never thought you’d encounter such things right here in the good ol’ USA, didja?

Yesterday while reading Claire’s take on the latest Antifa nonsense, I got to wondering about something. Following a rabbit hole I found myself at the 90’s-style antisanal website of something calling itself the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement. Understandably curious as to who or what they propose to abolish, I read on…

The same forces that put people in bondage also utilize gender roles as a source of domination. Overcoming imprisonment and liberating humanity from captivity must happen simultaneously with the abolition of gender constraints.

Um…okey doke.

This is probably two overage kids in mom’s basement, having imbibed rather more Gender Studies than was good for them. Kids today: In my day we had cigarettes and ditchweed, and we liked it that way. But the revolutionary vanguard this and “infrastructure of resistance” that did sound reminiscent of things I myself once thought were really neato, coming from the lips of John Sinclair when I was a kid worshipfully hanging around the Rainbow People’s Party house in Ann Arbor. Speaking of cigarettes and ditchweed…

…which familiar sound made me think, “This is all coming from the colleges, isn’t it?” Probably not an original thought, given how much colleges have put themselves in the news lately. Those “revolutionary” hippies lounging on couches and imbibing watered-down Marxist theory with their bong water grew up to be the grizzled and frustrated but ever-so Progressive professors filling kids’ heads with more toxic doses of the lovely, exciting propaganda I swallowed so eagerly at 16 – and vomited up at my first taste of how societies and economic systems actually work. Simple nostrums and bumper sticker slogans sound perfectly reasonable when you’re sixteen, which is why nobody lets a 16-year-old run anything more complex than a lawn mower.

…which in turn made me wonder, where are the real leaders of this latest bullshit? I’m seeing a lot of violent crowds, a lot of familiar rhetoric. But I’m not seeing a Great Leader.

So where’s Pol Pot while all this is going on? I begin to suspect he’s lurking around here somewhere.

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4 Responses to Where is Pol Pot?

  1. Judy says:

    Killary, I suspect is their Great Leader, if you look at the devotion of the followers to ignore her…um…short comings.

  2. Kentucky says:

    “Simple nostrums and bumper sticker slogans sound perfectly reasonable when you’re sixteen, which is why nobody lets a 16-year-old run anything more complex than a lawn mower.”

    That right there is a quote for the ages. We might even extend the upper age limit to, oh, say, 45 perhaps, in many cases. But the original should be on posters everywhere to remind us of a basic fact.

  3. M says:

    Recent mindset (last 4 decades or so) has everyone exceptional, all potential leaders with a lot of “me too-isms” followers with their hands out. Hard to have a “tip of the spear” movement with any force backing it when the signal to noise is high.

    And so far the $ hasn’t run out therefore why revolt too hard? My guess is as long as the economy manages to float their boats, there isn’t any reason to sink themselves.

    In General an insurrection appears in History once the People cannot afford the Fees to live free, the option to move freely is removed or the Rules become too complicated for the majority to avoid committing “illegal” acts.

    “Leaders” of all bents are also more committed to lining their pockets than large scale “change for change purpose” which is kind of a good thing in an absurd way.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    I have no idea where the pol pot is, but the regular pot is in the land of Fruits, Nuts, and Flakes, and it’s going Up In Smoke! I hear all the ganga heads are enthusiastically volunteering for the California Fire Service. As long as they can make sure they’re assigned to the downwind side of the fires…

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