Why is there no chicken-related equivalent to Anatidaephobia?

Anatidaephobia is supposedly* a pervasive, irrational fear that you’re being watched by a duck. I don’t have that fear, nor any need for it: Any duck around here would be a profoundly misplaced creature.


…I do frequently feel as though I’m being watched by chickens.

This is their little way of saying, “We think it’s about time you came out here and took a look at our feeder.”

* I say supposedly because according to this site Gary Larson made it up on his comic strip. Of course now that the disorder exists, it has sufferers. 🙂

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2 Responses to Why is there no chicken-related equivalent to Anatidaephobia?

  1. Zelda says:

    As a food distribution source who possesses opposing thumbs, you’ll never lack for devoted adoration and attention. Buy a tension curtain rod at the dollar store (99 cents) and hang a half window curtain or drape a shirt, towel or other material over it. That would really confuse them. Or buy a roll of reflective sun shield one way window film (adheres with water)($4 at the dollar store) and you can see out but they can’t see in. They will see their reflections and you can enjoy the resulting mayhem and confusion from the safety of your bathroom. You have the entire technological world on your side. They are – only – chickens.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Now if you had geese it would be a different story.

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