Worst Assassin ever.

Authorities: Man at Las Vegas rally said he wanted to kill Trump

My brother sent me this link with the note,

If anyone ever decides to assassinate me, I hope that person is as incompetent as Michael Steven Sandford. After reportedly planning an attempt on Trump’s live for the last year or so, this genius didn’t think to learn how to operate a gun until the day before his attempt. And even then he didn’t actually procure a firearm. Instead, he tried to snatch one from a Special Agent at a Trump rally. That didn’t go well for him.

You can tell he’s really a bad guy, though. Three names.

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3 Responses to Worst Assassin ever.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    A “special” agent? Hmmm… how did the would be assassin get that close to an agent to make a grab for his gun? And aren’t they all carrying concealed? Sounds like a major “awareness” fail to me. Maybe the agent needs to lose the “special” until he goes back to secret agent school for a tune up. LOL

    I’ve just been reading a story involving the CIA and FBI, and I couldn’t stop laughing. It wasn’t a hit piece either!

  2. Robert says:

    Where I work, “special” ain’t a compliment. As in those folks who ride the short bus.

  3. MJR says:

    After seeing this story earlier I took it upon myself to chuck a little of the brown stuff at a friend. He is a pretty good guy and a Brit. The only major area where we don’t see eye to eye is on firearms. After seeing this I sent him the link and wrote that if England wasn’t such a nanny state regarding guns we could have been free of The Donald. Well I’m still hanging on for a reply.

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