After nearly a week of springlike weather – without the bad parts of spring like obnoxious wind – I’m told we’re in for a week of winter. It’s starting rather mildly…

…with overnight rain. Liquid precipitation is not that common in January, which is normally the coldest part of winter in the Gulch, but you never know. This isn’t Minnesota – winter is episodic and not always horrible. This morning the mud isn’t even frozen, which isn’t really a plus but at least my fingers don’t hurt.

But whether or not it turns really cold, the next week is forecast to be greasy and gloomy and altogether worth cocooning through. Certainly better than what I’ve heard big parts of the rest of the country is going through right now…

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2 Responses to Yech.

  1. ka9vsz says:

    Love the arctic front graphic. Us Cheeseheads have had triple the normal snowfall so far while windchills have been flirting with minus thirty. Meanwhile, my kid in Maine said it hit fifty above recently. She complained it was raining and she wanted snow. I offered her ours. She declined.

  2. Mike says:

    Ah, weathertainers… Too right to be ignored and too wrong to be believed. 🙂

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