You always hurt the ones you love…

And Tobie has always really loved his bed, a gift from Generous Reader MM.

Alas – he has a habit of being kind of hard on the things he loves. Not as destructive as during his Hell Puppy phase, but still…

He has a Plan B big bed, a gift from another reader at about the same time, which has spent the last almost 3 years stashed in Ian’s Cave. I think it’s time to bring it over and see if he finds it acceptable because this afternoon his principal bed went from grody and a bit torn to positively ragged in the space of one badly-chosen heave.

He seemed kind of embarrassed over having done it. Which is more remorse than he ever showed toward all those destroyed chair cushions back in the day…

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4 Responses to You always hurt the ones you love…

  1. matismf says:

    Was the size good for that “late” bed? If so, another can appear if the address is still good.

  2. Joel says:

    MM: the funny thing about that bed is that the size is perfect to the inch for the corner it’s in.

  3. matismf says:

    But is the size still good for Tobie? And is the shipping address still good?

  4. Joel says:

    MM: Yes to both.

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