You had more than fair warning, dude…

There’s been a big rat leaving piles of – well, leavings – on my porch every night for over a week. I don’t know why. I do know it grew tiresome.

The nice thing about rats? When they annoy you, you don’t have to feel bad about just flat out murdering them.

So I dug out my last functioning rat trap, and the first night it very messily killed a mouse that was clearly too small to be my culprit. And oh by the way the little cup of peanut butter was empty and it’s a safe bet the mouse didn’t last long enough to empty it, so…

You’d have thought that would be enough of a hint for the big guy. Often, unfortunately, it is. Oh, they won’t go away like you want. But thereafter they’ll avoid the trap.

But not this guy. He apparently decided he’d earned that peanut butter.

That sort of attitude always has a price.

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