You kids won’t remember this, it was back in wonsapona time…

The big wasteland between Acadia and Aztlan contained a great and powerful nation. They used to go on and on about how great their health care system was, wouldn’t shut up about it.

Then one day they decided to improve it. Yeah, they’re all dead now.

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3 Responses to You kids won’t remember this, it was back in wonsapona time…

  1. MJR says:

    Now for your enjoyment a photographic representation of this event…

  2. The folks at the Daily Signal, reporting on the collapse of the 15th of 23 Obamacare coops, aren’t writing fast. Illinois announced the failure of theirs today.


  3. IM Jones says:

    It was bound to collapse. It’s all happening just as it logically must, of course. I am trying to be my own primary physician as much as I can. The old machinery of slavery is collapsing. The Renaissance is arrived. 🙂 I think we are going to come out of this a whole lot better as a species, and most of us are in pretty good places to ride out the storms.

    I think I’ll pull out Atlas and read it again. I’ve been asked to hold reading/discussion groups, and maybe I will do that soon.
    Joel, thanks for all the entertainment and news. And the chickens, of course.

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