You see the color of the sky in those pics in the preceding post?

I took those at just about exactly quarter after eight. Weather guy on the radio said we’re due for a drier spell for a couple of days, so this seemed like a good time to catch up with laundry.

By the time I hung it up thunderheads were rolling in from the south. I thought, well, I can still get lucky. Yesterday we got an extra hour’s work because the threatening storm slid on off to the east. Today it’s not even supposed to rain.

Uh huh.

Not much lightning, but the hardest rain so far this season. Fortunately it was brief, I was waiting for the gullies to run. I’m already getting new erosion damage in my recently “repaired” driveway, and Monsoon’s barely started.

I took that picture about quarter after 12 when the storm had just passed.

We’ve had at least a little rain every day for a couple of weeks now, I wouldn’t say the ground’s saturated but it’s holding moisture now. It won’t take much of an afternoon storm to really bring out the mud and get the wash running.

Now we’re getting some blue sky. 🙂 It’s still possible the laundry could actually dry today. Either way we’ll just call it an extra rinse.

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One Response to You see the color of the sky in those pics in the preceding post?

  1. coloradohermit says:

    Isn’t the unpredictability of monsoon fun? Hope your laundry dries before September. We had a rain so hard 2 days ago that I couldn’t see the neighbor’s house 100 yards away. With the gutters full of pine needles and aspen leaves, the rain cascaded in a sheet off the roof, pooled up against the house and we found a bad spot in the foundation by way of a flooded kitchen. Plenty of towels and little rugs sopped most up and the remnants dried overnight. Yesterday was clean the gutters day and OMG what a load of crap! No wonder nothing ever came out the downspouts. Now we just need a dry day to deal with the foundation problem. Happy Harriet Homeowner stuff. 🙂

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