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Yeah. You know what else is really expensive? Paint, that’s what. I recall those halcyon days of yesteryear when the Lair didn’t have paintable siding. The winter wind whistled through the walls, true, but I didn’t have to pay for paint, boy. And then there’s that actual painting.

You want to know what the Lair looks like right now? I can show you, because I just this minute went outside and took a picture…

As the sun broke over the ridge at quarter after six, it illuminated this…clearly unfinished site. It has looked like that for three days now. It’s going to go right on looking like that for a few days, too, because Uncle Joel can climb a tall shaky ladder or he can swing a paint pole, but asking him to do both is asking for a demonstration of terror paralysis. So starting this morning we’re moving to a related and contributory task: Refurbishing one of S&L’s old scaffolds. Yes, I know. I hoped to avoid that, but it’s how I got that upper part painted last time and it’ll help me get it painted this time. Unfortunately it’s been sitting outside when not intermittently in use for going on fifteen years now, and the plywood platform is pretty much rotted through. It was pretty damned iffy last time I used it, and that was 2 years ago. So I’m going to build it a new plywood platform. I’ll have to drill out some rivets, and then I’ll have to go to town and get some small bolts to replace the rivets. So even if I finish making the platform this morning I won’t be able to use the scaffold until sometime next week, probably. But that’s life.

And then, when I’m done with that, you know what I get to do? That’s right!

A second coat.

The 12v lighting is coming along nicely, though. And I had a good day yesterday, even though it wasn’t really addition-related.

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11 Responses to Your inspirational message for the day…

  1. Kentucky says:

    It would be nice if you had an artist-in-residence out there. You could just point to that big, blank canvas above your “balcony” and say “Do me up a nice mural scene reflective of the general terrain and sundry desert features” and just walk away and leave it to them.

    Either that or a big DRINK COCA-COLA or CHEW MAIL POUCH advertisement, hopefully with corporate sponsorship. Hey, they used to do it on barns all the time.


  2. Joel says:

    😀 That’s a recurring fantasy of mine.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    One can make one’s own banner with a blue tarp and some paint in a contrasting color…

  4. Mark Matis says:

    How strong is that cantilever over your front entrance? Will it support one man with a paint tray and a paint pole? If necessary, one could put a plank from your new roof over to that roof. One does, of course, want to make sure one does not step too far backward whilst one is painting, but…

  5. Judy says:

    Or you replace it with a big ol’ window (or two) with vinyl trim. She says with tongue firmly planted in cheek and a big grin.

  6. Kentucky says:

    I had initially imagined a couple of windows PAINTED on up there, complete with faux mullions, curtains, etc. Another job for the artist-in-residence. Perhaps include a kitty sunning in one of the windows. 😉

  7. Joel says:

    Mark, that balcony is the end two feet of several eight-foot 2X8s that form the joists of the loft floor – which doesn’t even creak. So that little balcony is probably the solidest part of the building.

    Funny how I have to make that assurance to everybody I try to convince to go up there, though… 😉

    And yes, one could probably do that. In fact two people have been on it, in the history of the building. Neither was me, and both flatly refused to ever do it again. I need a third before there will ever be drip edge on the top of that wall.

    Things would have been so much different if I could have installed that door and banister…

  8. Joel says:

    I truly love the idea of a couple of painted windows up there; either cartoonish or full-blown trompe l’oeil. It’d be the only one it town – and the best part is it’d last, because that wall rarely gets direct sun and never for very long. But it would require an artist who a) works for free, and b) takes real delight in insecure heights. So an independently wealthy flagpole-climbing trompe l’oeil artist in the desert. How hard could it be to find a person like that?

  9. Andrew says:

    And maybe next time you’ll use some primer so that the painting won’t be the end of you.

    And, yeah, some fake windows would be neat up there…

  10. Kentucky says:

    The balcony cries out for a railing, so as to appear like the similar ones over the saloon boardwalk canopies in all the old western movies. Wouldn’t even have to be full height, just scaled to suit the application and look right from the ground.

    Then perhaps three 4×4 post/columns down to the abbreviated front porch you’ll add across the front side. This is where you’ll sit, tilted back in a wooden chair, looking like Marshall Dillon awaiting the next desperado.

    Hitching rack optional.

    As if you don’t have enough construction projects to work on . . .

  11. terrapod says:

    Did you build that little ledge over the door and window in a manner that you could stand on it to paint the upper part? Maybe you can reach above with the long pole roller, but it would be easier if you could stand on it.

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