You’re welcome.

Murphy’s Law of Social Trend Integration clearly states “When Joel joins a fad, the fad burned out days or weeks ago.”

So yesterday I actually bought one of those dumbass masks that have been all the rage for the past few months.

That should put an end to this nonsense. You’re welcome.

Actually I’ve noticed a swiftly waning willingness on the part of the residents of the crappy little town nearest where I live to wear the damned things even though all the signs are still on all the doors. Hard to take the signs seriously when even the people behind the counters are obscenely baring their faces in public.

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  1. Bear says:

    I’ve been humoring stores that post “mask required” signs; their property. But yesterday, I walked up to a Dollar General store that had finally put one up. Dutifully put on my — pointless — mask and walked in. And stopped. Not a single employee was wearing one.

    Took it off and put it back in my pocket.

  2. Robert says:

    Bear: coincidentally, I was in a DG 2 days ago. Everyone was masked; WI is kind of a COVID hot-spot. There’s gotta be a joke in there about masked robbers but I’m too lazy to work one up.

  3. TK421a says:

    Joel, I wouldn’t be too worried about Murphy’s Law of Social Trend Integration. The (not so) united states already has 25% of the world’s COVID-19 deaths* and the infection rate doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon.

    What does surprise me is how, in a country with a pay-as-you-go healthcare system, people would risk being bankrupted by a stay in a long term care facility on a ventilator, when wearing a simple piece of cloth, washing your hands and staying apart from others could prevent this. I guess this attitude can be chalked up to normalcy bias.


  4. TK421a says:

    I guess I’m a pussy for wearing a mask, washing my hands and keeping away from those not in my immediate circle. At my age, the thought of being on a ventilator for several weeks and the months of recovery scares me more than a little inconvenience. Having a good knowledge of OS&H from a lot of years of work and education, I just can’t escape into the fantasy world of normalcy bias.

  5. Ben says:

    It’s nice to have pictures in your posts again!

  6. jabrwok says:

    I’ve found the cut-off sleeve of a t-shirt fits well around my head, and serves the social function of looking like I’m making an effort. As I’m neither 80+ years old, nor immune-compromised, I face no real risk from this disease. Granted, I live in a country where I can’t rely on the government to steal other people’s money to pay for my healthcare, but even so, I’m not particularly worried.

    Being rather anti-social doesn’t hurt:-).

  7. Bear says:

    TK421a, according to that Johns-Hopkins link, new daily cases have been declining for two weeks. Worldometer says they’ve been declining for over a month.

    My state has been declining since July 6.

    Looking the graphs, I’m fairly sure that both WM and JH “new cases” graphs are based on day of reporting, not date of onset. Georgia graphs both (but stupidly defaults to “date of report” not onset).

  8. Bear says:

    Added: And my county “new cases” have been declining since July 16 (32) to 0 for past two days. No one has died for two weeks, and it’s a total of 7.

    You rarely see anyone who doesn’t have obvious co-morbidities wearing a mask around here, unless the facility mandates them.

  9. Bear says:

    Another factoid for folks’ amusement. the per capita ChinCOVID death rate for my county is…

    0.01% The ChinCOVID IFR is 0.7%, which includes the people in nursing homes. (Actually, I suspect but can’t confirm that all but 1 were LTC.)

  10. Norman says:

    Can’t remember where I saw it, or who said it, but somebody termed them “face diapers.” Seems appropriate.

  11. TS says:

    At Norman’s comment^^^^^ I think at least half the mask designs people are wearing look like they have a pair of chonies strapped to their head.

  12. winston smith says:

    since this bega in march, I have had exactly 1 person say something (it was nicely said fwiw) about my not wearing a mask. i said “i had the virus back in April and cant be a carrier”. End of discussion.
    and no, afaik, i havent had it. yes, winston is capable of lying to combat stupidity.
    and i’m going to be one of the few in 2021 that isnt walking around with Opie Ears.

  13. Mark says:

    A. China stats have been BS since day 1. Believe them not.

    2) masks, other than N95 or respirators, do not protect the wearer. They help reduce the amount of virus laden crap going out to other people, but they do not provide protection to the wearer.

    c. Nothing will prevent or eliminate the virus ecept the normal mutation of a virus.

    The CDC reported last week that hospitlizations for Covid19 are the lowest number since March. That’s the only number I can respect. The rest are all made up bullshit, and even if the numbers were accurate, the testing behind them is turning out to be flawed as a Renault Le Car.

    It’s not the end of the fucking world.

    It’s a a flu / cold virus.

  14. Malatrope says:

    Mark, exactly right. This virus is being used as a political excuse to get everyone to get used to submitting to authoritarian control. It is compleate bullshite, as they say. Only about 50% of the US deaths “attributed” to COVID-19 actually had anything to do with the virus.

  15. Jim Smith says:

    The new case reporting is BS. Chicago Bears had a bunch of positives. Got retested and they were all negative. Accuracy rate is around 50%.

  16. jed says:

    > look like they have a pair of chonies strapped to their head.

    Head over to and you’ll find some examples of just that. Somehow, “I think I’m turning Japanese” seems appropriate for theme music.

    Completely going off topic: anyone know what’s going on with Claire’s domains? Or am I the only one who can’t get to those sites?

  17. Johno says:

    Professor Thomas Borody says drug regimen of Ivermectin + Zinc + Doxycycline has 90 to 100% success against mild to moderate Coronavirus cases in 48 hours. Link to story;

  18. Bear says:

    Jed, are they timing out, or do you get an error message? (I’m Claire’s admin.) Both work for me.

  19. Eric Wilner says:

    I finally broke down and bought one of those newfangled neck gaiters… to keep grass clippings from getting down my shirt. Not something I’d consider acceptable for public wear.

  20. Kentucky says:

    Jed & Bear . . .

    She’s probably so terrorized by “Don’s” caustic attacks that she has shut down completely.

    Nah . . . not Claire. Experts have tried to upset her, in vain. Has to be a tech problem. 😉

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