Busy Day…

The return of pleasant weather has gotten me off my ass and out the door a bit more in the past couple of days, and loving it. Yesterday was a prime example…

Start early – indeed, as soon as the sun clears the mountain and hits Ian’s solar panels – with a load of laundry. Still catching up with the latest spate of sloppy weather when that’s not advisable, not to mention those days without any running water.

Then over to D&L’s…

It’s amusing to me that D&L have six trash barrels, and the time it takes them to fill them all almost exactly correlates to (corresponds with?) the time it takes me to fill one. Granted I pack mine more full and burn the burnables, but still. Once in a while I get a call to help them load their truck for a trip to the county dump, and it’s in my interest to be there for them because they leave space for one of my trashcans.

Here marks the sad end of Tobie’s first bed.

I’ve often thought that this is the best-chosen spot for a big landfill that I’ve ever seen. A veritable moonscape of no use even to tumbleweeds, dumping garbage here is like scuttling an old ship on a sandy bit under the sea: It does nothing but increase habitat. The ravens seem to like it, and I assume so do the rats.

Then home, and after lunch…

…I finished the repairs to the Lair’s water system. I originally replaced the faucet while there was still (a little) pressure in the pipe, which means I did it hastily in a way unlikely to be completely leak-free longterm. So yesterday I did indeed find a seeping leak, and (since I can turn the water off now) re-did the repair in a more complete and esthetically acceptable manner. Opened the valve, tested it again, found it good, and then laid on new insulation/heat collector. Then I filled in my big hole. It’ll take a while for the dirt to pack down but that’s nothing new.

And there was bread-baking in there somewhere. Finished the day fairly satisfied with myself for once. Not bad for the old man on a beautiful Spring day.

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5 Responses to Busy Day…

  1. Champ Ferguson says:

    Joel, Sometime when your stumped for blog content, how about giving up a couple of your fav recipes for bread making. I’m about to get started in that.

  2. ka9vsz says:

    Champ: One word: sourdough. It’s the lazy way with minimal ingredients and minimal labor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Are Ians new batteries holding charge now?

    Recall a post about adjusting the panels.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I was waiting until after Monday night to see if the world would end and it didn’t. No use power raking up the yard if the the world ends. That would be a complete waste of effort. So that meant I had to get off my butt and power rake the yard and the neighbors too. How inconsiderate of the planet.


  5. Anonymous says:

    A golden day. Too rare I think.

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