Door & window trim…

Yesterday was water day so I didn’t get any painting done. Today I hit it early before it got hot with the front and side window and door trim…

Phoebe has finished up her baby-raising duties and gone off to wherever she goes, so I’m free to work on the side of my own damned house.

Good thing too, because this was the only wood trim that was actually peeling from the sun. Of course I had to start by cleaning all the bird shit off the trim and glass. That bird really ought to be paying rent, or at least cleaning up her own mess.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the upper part of the porch and gutter.

It’s a lot more square footage but a lot less persnickety so it should go quicker. But as always I really don’t care how much I get done in any one session as long as the progress is steady. One of the advantages of a small cabin; no matter how slowly it goes, there’s only so much brush work.

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6 Responses to Door & window trim…

  1. Anonymous says:

    What if you made a mini bird pergola nest pole hut? A siphon fed birdbath offset to the side, perhaps a feeder, and the whole in view out a window from your favourite Command Throne. Also…is that still Phoebe, or Phoebe Jr. VII? In Brisbane we used to feed rosellas and butcher birds, and the babies matured and were regulars at our bird-pub. Smart critters.

  2. Joel says:

    is that still Phoebe, or Phoebe Jr. VII?

    I have often wondered. At the risk of sounding speciesist, they all look alike to me.

  3. Mike says:

    Looking good Joel. As for sounding speciesist, I worked for over two decades at a zoo and I couldn’t tell either. 🙂

  4. Just curious…given the climate that you’re in, was there ever any thought to painting the cabin a color that would be less prone to holding holding heat?

  5. Cederq says:

    I am with Commander Zero, a lighter shade such as tan or a sand color which to my sense would reflect a lot more heat in the summer. The opposite is true of winter… plus side, your cabin would be much less visible, like being a gray man.

  6. Sendarius says:

    Some years ago, I broke a collarbone (I won’t bore you with how), and, being a man, I kind of skimped on the recommended physio.
    After all, the printed information package said it was for a broken shoulder, and that wasn’t what I had broken.

    Some weeks later, my wife decided that the ceiling needed painting, and I got the job!
    Several days with a roller working above my head soon revealed, then resolved, my physio-shirking ways!

    Since then, I view ALL painting as medically necessary. 🙂

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