Early October in the … Midwest?

Seriously, this reminds me of a previous life. Chilly, totally overcast, raining off and on all morning. It still looks like the desert, but…

I had a couple of hours of geiger countering to do, put the boys in Gitmo, and as I headed for the Jeep it started to rain. The boys did what they always do in Gitmo in the rain, they stood at the fence and looked woebegone. When the sun’s too hot, they go in their nice cool doghouse. When the air’s too wet, nothing stops them from going into their nice dry doghouse but it never seems to occur to them. In Little Bear’s case it may be that he just doesn’t notice – he never really seems to. He likes it cold, maybe he likes it wet. But I’ve seen Ghost come in out of the rain with my own two beady eyes, so I know he’s capable of it. Probably he’s just guilting me, he’s good at that. In any case it worked. I couldn’t go anywhere till I let them out of Gitmo and squired them into the Interim Lair.

Still raining.

Tomorrow I’ve got noplace I need to be in the service of others. So tomorrow I’m starting on the kitchen counter. Stopped at J’s on the way home from GC Central and borrowed his tile saw. The generator’s already at the Lair, I’ve got plenty of tile adhesive and enough tile. I’m ready! After only about three weeks!

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2 Responses to Early October in the … Midwest?

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Yeah… dogs have been doing that to me all my life. Even Labradors, who LOVE anything or any place that is wet.

    Pretty dry here the last few weeks, but it looks as if we might get a bit of moisture the next day or two. We could use it.

    Hope you get your tile done! 🙂

  2. MamaLiberty says:

    Angry? Who’s angry? Not me. 🙂

To the stake with the heretic!