First real rain of the season!

Water’s slamming down on the roof, gutters and downspouts are cheerfully channeling it into the runoff ditches, Tobie has just discovered this thing called thunder and is trying to climb into my lap. Monsoon has officially arrived.

Literally to the moment just in time, too, as we returned from a much-needed walkie just before the sky opened. Now I need to find my throat spray and warm up to complain loudly about mud. Haven’t needed that since February.

ETA: Aw, hell. Barely lasted half an hour. Well, maybe another cell will come by.

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3 Responses to First real rain of the season!

  1. tsgtjoe says:

    would there be a reasonable way to capture the rain water? Since you cant drink the well water you have, this might serve some of your water needs.

  2. Joel says:

    Sure, I could connect the downspouts to barrels. I wouldn’t trust the purity of the water, though. I’ve seen the inside of a rain barrel, it looks like a petri dish experiment gone horribly wrong.

  3. Judy says:

    Bleach, Joel, bleach…plus a Berkey or AquaRain filter and I can vouch for the AquaRain filter as far as cleaning up tap water. It won’t remove minerals, but it does take care of the creepy crawlies and the chlorine. By the way, the inside of water pipes don’t look any better than a rain barrel. You just don’t see it. That was a pretty stark revelation, when my father, the plumber, told me that. Don’t remember what got the conversation started, probably some naive comment on my part. But there you have it, Pops bringing me back to earth, again.

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