Getting an early start…

Not as cold as predicted – I’m going to regret these insulated BDU pants – but plenty cold. A dusting of snow overnight and then the sky cleared, so everything’s covered with a carpet of crystals reflecting in my headlamp.

A couple more frozen-in customers for the bucket trap – I think these are numbers eight and nine, but I’m losing count. They must hit it early evening while the bucket’s contents are still liquid. Can’t imagine they’d have much trouble escaping from the surface of the ice. Also don’t understand why so damned many mice are coming up on the porch. What’s there for them?

Inside the cabin, it’s toasty as can be. Really starting to regret the insulated BDUs, in fact. But I’m outside. And the thing that got me out in the cold before daylight…

Yesterday was cloudy all day – looks like today won’t be, but there’s no way to be sure. And frankly in previous times I wouldn’t have let one cloudy day bother me, but this morning I looked at the abnormally low battery voltage and thought, “There’s no reason to let things go from ‘not great’ to ‘bad’ since now I don’t have to.” So I went out and started the Honda, plugged in the new charger, and…

Hey presto, I can light my bedroom lamp without guilt.

Now to get Tobie’s morning walkie out of the way so I can lose all this padding.

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3 Responses to Getting an early start…

  1. Anonymous says:

    As long as you can afford the gasoline, it’ll be better for your batteries. Yes, they’re deep cycle cells, but lead acid batteries do much better if you don’t drain them all the way down.

  2. Klaus says:

    The mice come to the porch for two reasons as I see it. One is the urine trail from the original( explorers)they all leave one and they all follow one. Second is at this point you are probably attracting them to your porch with that bucket of sweetness. I’d move it somewhere away from your dwelling but near by. Just my two cents.

  3. Old fart says:

    Just a thought, though. When you dispose of the dead mice, doesn’t the antifreeze also poison the scavengers that eat the mice?

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