Getting the Lair into summer mode…

The woodstove has been put to bed for weeks now…

…but I left the pilot lit in the bedroom heater for that occasional frosty night.

But now it’s May and they’ll become rare enough that I don’t need to spend propane on specific precautions. Gas valve set to “off,” gas line valve closed, the most full propane bottle sealed and the most empty left open just to keep the line pressurized because getting this pilot to light on an unpressurized gas line is a memorable PITA. Dust the stove off and cover it with a cloth because it will promptly start accumulating belt kibble.

Then there’s the semiannual Rotation of the Closet Pole…

…reminding me that I need a new clothing cull: There’s a generation of “too nice to actually use” winter shirts that will probably find their way to the thrift store. I kind of traditionally get first refusal on warm clothes neighbors are throwing away, and being scarred by some past really cold winters I’m mostly incapable of refusing. Since there’s no longer any real need to stockpile layers of woolies, they accumulate and get in the way. But the winter stuff I do actually use goes under plastic against the constant desert dust, and the thin summer rags come out.

😀 May First! May is my favorite month of the year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mine too!

  2. midwestmike says:

    Mine to!

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