Haven’t needed to do that chore since I left Michigan!

…and I left Michigan like 23 years ago.

So overnight the sky cleared and it got good and cold, like mid-teens, which meant that the mud froze and I could go for a nice walkie.

For the first time in almost a week, that is. And it was a pretty truncated walkie, because I about froze my fingers and toes off even through good gloves and boots.

And along the way I kept running into broken branches blocking the path.

Sometimes juniper limbs die and fall but I don’t ever recall any single snowfall heavy enough to break them off. But we got one five days ago, and this is the first morning I’ve ventured out on foot since then. I learned my lesson about prosthetic legs and snow drifts a very long time ago. And of course I really passionately hate mud.

Okay, so the broken limbs had to go. And I had the perfect tool for dealing with them, too! One I hardly ever use…

Big Brother sent me this cordless chainsaw four or five years ago and I thought at the time it would be useless. But within its weight class it’s surprisingly good at cutting junipers. Trimming off broken branches is perfect for it. But it’s been in the powershed all winter and was far too cold to ever work, so on my way in from my walkie I brought it and a couple of lithium batteries inside to warm up.

And I just got back from clearing the paths, and didn’t even need the spare battery. Given how underpowered it is compared to a real chainsaw, I’m always surprised at how well it works.

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5 Responses to Haven’t needed to do that chore since I left Michigan!

  1. New Hampshire says:

    I have one too, and it’s a joy to use. Lightweight and batteries last quite a while.

  2. Mike says:

    These little battery-powered chainsaws are great. I have a 12 inch Stihl battery-powered one and for odd jobs around the place and when we go car camping it’s great. I like how easy it is to cut up wood for the campfire.

  3. paulb says:

    Sharp chains help. Might have to look into one of those.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    The pole saw version of those is great for deal with upper level branches!!!

    How goes the Jeep’s radiator these days???

  5. Joel says:

    The weather kept me from using or even thinking about the Jeep very much. I’ll try some Barzleak this weekend.

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