He’s never ever gonna hear the end of this…

Yup. I’ve been dad to a daughter. I got things this wrong on a fairly regular basis.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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5 Responses to He’s never ever gonna hear the end of this…

  1. Robert says:

    “the most famous” He certainly succeeded.
    Hey, he gets lots of points for trying. She doesn’t look thrilled, though. Bright side: the poster can double as a target.

  2. winston smith says:

    Everyone, if you all havent seen the Korean TV series, The Squid Game, do yourself a favor and watch. At some point last year, it was the most viewed tv series in the world.
    Its a Mindfark.

    Just watch thru the first game, Red Light Green Light. If you dont like it at that point, quit watching. i dont know anyone that has watched it that didnt watch it until the end and looking forward to season 2. (be warned early first episode is lots of boring character development until the game starts).

  3. WhateverTS says:

    Joel cut yourself some slack. I raised 3 daughters. Agh. Scary times, teenage females are unpredictable as caged wolverines.

  4. Jeff Allen says:

    So we’re taking “Siendokam”‘s word for it that Emanuela’s dad was ‘without understanding’ (I guess the Translator function didn’t have ‘clueless’ in the glossary?) – what if he DID know? Brazilians are not irony-deficient. Well, maybe the 12-year-olds are.

  5. Mark Matis says:

    If his daughter attends public school, she’s probably fine with that!

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