How to abuse your lungs without really trying…

or, Revenge of That Bush in my Yard.

So a couple of days ago I cut down two of the many intrusive bushes that have taken over my yard between the woodshed and the wash…

…and I really should have paid more attention to the fluffy stuff on the ends of the second one’s branches…

…because as soon as I started cutting that one I was constantly in the middle of a cloud of pollen. And I thought at the time that given the state of my allergies so far this warm season this might not be a good thing. But I was expecting to just spend the rest of the day emptying another tissue box.

Instead I was wheezing before I even got indoors. My windpipe basically closed, and though I seem to be better this morning I’m still constantly clearing my throat.

I am undeterred! I own a paint respirator, and I’m not afraid to use it! But it does seem as though everything’s trying to hurt me lately…

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6 Responses to How to abuse your lungs without really trying…

  1. MIke says:

    Joel, the idea of using a respirator is a good one. I know that you have a hate on for going into town, but you may want to see a doctor about getting allergy shots. It will save you a lot of grief.

  2. Anonymous says:

    For noxious plant encounters (excepting lawn mowing, branch trimming, leaf raking, and such) I wear an industrial strength US mil surp gas mask and an industrial paint shop grade coverall, shoe covers, and gloves. Pulling out vines, ripping out poison oak, poison ivy, etc is no joke. And that’s here in rural Michigan. The AZ desert is far worse I’m sure. Just sayin’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joel, Joel, Joel, you are supposed to put the respirator on Before you go out to do battle with the yard.  And a good long shower afterwards to get all the pollen and plant bits off you helps to keep the airways open, my fellow allergy sufferer. Breathing is a privilege.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this the stuff you cut out?
    [AKA Four-wing saltbush]

  5. Andrew says:

    Could you kill it off with Roundup or something similar?

  6. bill says:

    Could you burn it?

To the stake with the heretic!