In my perfect world, “law-abiding citizen” would be at least a mild insult.

Not because abiding by laws is necessarily a bad thing in itself, but because the laws themselves are out of control and often just stupid.
Here’s someone who agrees, which means he must be right. 🙂

“Law abiding” is becoming virtually impossible.

We have reached a point where so many laws are immoral or infringements, or can no longer be legitimately obeyed by anyone dedicated to constitutional governance, the phrase “law-abiding” has become arcane and a relic. “Law-abiding gun owners” are reduced to shivering vestiges of their former selves, dependent on government travel papers, expiration dates, qualification tests, violations based on ammunition types and amounts, infringements so vast and immane it defies the average person’s ability to even know them all, let alone obey them and not step into violation.

In place of the olden standard “law-abiding gun owners” we now find ourselves in need of better and more accurate phrases…


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4 Responses to In my perfect world, “law-abiding citizen” would be at least a mild insult.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    The LAW I obey always is the law of non-aggression. Covers just about everything important.

    As for the “constitution” and the rulers, I’m an outlaw. If their “laws” don’t impinge on me too much, I ignore them. I don’t know anything about 99.9% of them, and nobody has ever hassled me about any of them, so far.

    The few government “laws” that might damage me seriously, I’ll pretend to “abide”…. but I certainly don’t believe that anyone has the “authority” to make or enforce those bogus “laws” in any case.

    The only “license” I have is the silly one to drive. Nobody’s even asked to look at it in the last ten years, except the gal at the counter to renew it.

  2. Ben says:

    “Law abiding” has always been a relative concept, and always will be. Like most folks, it’s unlikely that I will knowledgeably commit a felony on any given day. But also like most folks, I might make a rolling stop when I’m sure that nobody is watching, or I might allow my speed to creep a bit over the speed limit. Hell, I might even get wild and crazy and rip that “do not remove” tag off my pillow! 😉

  3. Judy says:

    We are all scofflaws in one fashion or another. The only laws/rules I try to follow consistently concern karma/golden rule and I still mess that up. If I can’t get that one right; how the hell am I going to follow all the man-made ones?

  4. I like to think that I “obey the law” in the same way that the state “respects my rights”. They keep up just enough pretense to maintain the “legitimacy” conferred by mass participation; I “obey” their laws just enough to avoid getting murdered by their thugs over something stupid. Neither of us could fool any sort of honest observer with our efforts, but–conclude from this what you will–each of us is nonetheless wildly successful in living the way we wish, on a day to day basis. I live free and peaceably by ignoring them whenever possible, and they simply go do what they want whenever they want, knowing that the last thing the masses would ever do is deny their “legitimacy”.

    I remember well when I first got the chills at Greater Gunniedom’s blithe acceptance of “law-abiding gun owner” as a sufficient proof of personal innocence; that was a small stack of years ago now, and the truly frustrating part of all this is that even if the relentless War On Guns itself hasn’t yet changed everyday life that much since then, the greater War On Individuals absolutely races on.

    Because, y’know, anyone who calls attention to that is clearly a paranoid freak who doesn’t understand the real problem.

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