Just a few hundred bad apples…

I’m sure the rest of them are FINE!

Daily News columnist Joanna Molloy called the incident yesteday “a disgrace,” writing that it was “ridiculous” to refer to ticket-fixing as a “courtesy” because “the cops who erased parking tickets did so mostly for their girlfriends, their cousins and their buddies, leaving the rest of us to pay up.” She continues: “When 16 cops act as if they are above the law—and 500 more turn up to support them…they ruin it for the rest of the 35,000 cops on the force.”

I’m certain all those other cops are honest, upright people who are just appalled at this display. Which is why they tolerated it in their ranks for decades. Or could it be the 16 are the only ones who got caught, and the 500 are the only ones with the courage it takes to stand up for the practice? Maybe the 35,000 are the ones New Yorkers should worry about?

Either way, it’s nice to know Bloomberg at least noticed

Mayor Bloomberg took the same tact in his radio broadcast on Friday, saying “it’s a tiny percentage of the people” who serve in the NYPD that were indicted. Interestingly enough, even that “tiny” group of people got something that even eluded Dominique Strauss-Kahn: they got their perp walk “fixed,” and were loaded into black vans, away from the media’s lenses.

Ah, the Only Ones. I wonder where they get the idea they’re better than everybody else? Hm.

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4 Responses to Just a few hundred bad apples…

  1. Tam says:

    Saw it happen just the other week. Cop paid a traffic ticket and took the undoubted insurance hit and never even pulled out his Badge Americard.

  2. DonkeyBuster says:

    So I study Buddhism when I’m not mucking stalls, canning beets, & cleaning up after the dogs. And tho’ this may seem a little random, somehow it seems to apply to soooo many things:
    ‎”…the Buddhist view that sentient beings caught in cyclic existence are constantly involved w/forms, being distracted by colors, shapes, and so forth while not mixing their minds w/reasoning. Due to this, sentient beings, remain confused w/respect to the ultimate & conventional natures of phenomena & are powerlessly imprisoned in cyclic existence.”
    Daniel Perdue, ‘Debate in Tibetan Buddhism’

    Not mixing their minds w/reasoning… of course, they do live in NY which right there might make it nearly impossible…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Eh Joel,

    This is off-topic, but one way to get the link to you. A HUGE thread of “weird stuff people have found in the woods”

    Perhaps it will inspire some more shadows stories…


  4. Hello Joel – hope you don’t mind my following up with the OT comment…

    One of my favorite ‘finds’ out in the boonies – from about 20 years ago somewhere near the Organ Pipe Nat’l Monument. On the edge of our campsite there was a nifty maul with a fiberglass handle. Attached to the handle with some string in a little plastic bubble pack was a note that read:

    “Remember this the next time the Jehovah’s Witnesses come to your door”. Signed by a Rev. Buxbee or such.

    Gift or threat…? Maybe both?

    Still have the maul – still have the note. Still waitin’ for the JW’s!

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