Let not your heart be troubled, Joel…

A friend is generously making a long road trip to help me with the final phase of addition construction, which is insulation and drywall.

This summer’s construction has gone much more smoothly than normal for a Gulch project. I’m so much more used to scrounging for a long time to supply much smaller projects. This time I just bought almost all the materials, which is kind of cheating. I’ve been troubled by all the money I’ve spent this summer, thousands of dollars, and that lately I spent too much on paint which wasn’t in the budget at all. Now we’re coming to the end, and I have money in hand enough for either the drywall or the insulation but not both. I’ve had promises of contributions from two very generous and reliable contributors, but money takes time and I’m out of time. I’m either ready to roar in three weeks or I can wait till somebody else happens by to help me hang a ceiling. I had in mind doing this part of the cabin right before moving in for a change, just so I could say I had done that.

That’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks. Time slid by and the problem was not resolving itself.

So today we were trading emails so my friend could make sure he had everything he needed. I outlined my insulation needs, not yet resolved, and he said, “I got that covered, I’ll just bring it along.”

And just like that, the problem went away.

I shouldn’t have worried. Synchronicity is like the red count-down display in a bad action movie; it always waits till the last second. 🙂

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2 Responses to Let not your heart be troubled, Joel…

  1. coloradohermit says:

    “money takes time”
    Would a paypal donation help or do you need actual cash money? And is there anything in your budget for your eyes? Damn I’m nosey!

  2. Joel says:

    CH, cash in hand or in the bank, makes no difference which. Paypal is a useful way to get money to the person who transfers it to the bank – for free, btw – but bank transfers take time. It was a problem before but not any more, things are under control.

    The eyes thing is a problem. The eye doctor has stopped sending me nastygrams. But I’ll try to catch up on that in the autumn. All summer every dime has gone into the Lair.

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