Liquid Refreshment

I have another T&S gig starting Thursday, which means a lot of back and forth across the plateau and up their mesa. This morning’s Monday water run was my last chance to gas up for it…

…so I poured my remaining gasoline into the Jeep and brought all the empties to town. Gas has come down .50 here from its peak, but filling those four little cans still mortally wounded eighty bucks. Hopefully T will take that into consideration when they get back from their trip, as remuneration for this particular gig tends to vary depending on his finances. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some of it on the bike, which is still wounded but at least working, though that means walking up and down the mesa which is not my favorite thing.

It has become almost traditional for the Jeep to break down – or at least somewhat break – just when I need it for this gig. And of course it always happens either in January or the middle of Monsoon, which can make the Jeep kind of essential. I’m hoping it got the breaking down business out of its system with the recent power steering trouble.

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3 Responses to Liquid Refreshment

  1. Ben says:

    Weather permitting, you could always leave the Jeep at the T&S end of the trip.
    Save gas with the bike, but let the Jeep do the hill climbing.

  2. paulb7188 says:

    That looks like a truck bed the empties and water bottles are in. Score a spare set of wheels?

  3. Joel says:

    The truck belongs to D&L.

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