Lord of all he surveys…

Here’s a bit of irony: Tobie used to get excited when he saw me sorting laundry, because it meant a Jeep ride to visit the nice lady who always had jerky treats. Now he gets excited because it means a walk to Ian’s place…

…where he can hang out in the yard and watch life go by across the wash.

He was pretty dubious about it at first, since I never made him stay cabled up outside before. But he quickly warmed to the idea until he preferred it to staying inside Ian’s Cave. Now he runs right over to “his” column and happily soaks up sun while I wash laundry.

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2 Responses to Lord of all he surveys…

  1. Calvin says:

    Y’know,now that he’s put puppyhood behind him, you’ve got a rather good dog there. I’m sure there are some edges needing to be polished, don’t seem to be too many, though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That house would be perfect for people like me. It’s too bad it’s being wasted.

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