Now I want to be like this guy.

Presenting, for your viewing pleasure, the most awesome commercial ever shot.

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3 Responses to Now I want to be like this guy.

  1. Robert says:

    Uh. I haven’t watched a tv commercial for many years; I suspect there are many references that escape me. And I wonder how many takes they did before the bare-chested hunk didn’t laugh at the “homoerotic” line. Or ask for a phone number.

  2. Michael says:

    Fricken love the Daily Wire. That guy is Jeremy Boreing. He runs the Daily Wire, which hosts the Ben Shapiro and Andrew Klavan shows, among others. They’re doing a great job of fighting the culture war, and have been producing conservative movies for about a year now. I guess running a non-woke razor company to compete with the likes of Gillette and Harry’s was their next step.

  3. Paul Joat says:

    If I shaved, I think I would have been successfully marketed to.

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