Okay, see, this is why I hate cattle.

Tobie got very excited last night around eight. I was in the bedroom reading chair, the window was open, and I thought he was going to insist on sharing the chair with me to get his nose closer to the screen. I knew why: cattle gently lowed not at all far away. Wondered how much mess I’d need to clean up in the morning.

Not that much, as it turned out. But that one cow managed to plop it directly in the middle of the principal path to and from the Lair.

Guess who loves to eat cow shit. (If you guessed it’s me, remove five points.)

See, this is just rude. I don’t shit in your yard. Why should I smile when you send your animals to shit in mine?

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11 Responses to Okay, see, this is why I hate cattle.

  1. paul b says:

    Cows shit as they walk. Usually one plop per step. So they go down the handy path leaving deposits. Course open range cattle are the top of the pyramid for some reason.

  2. jrg says:

    So basically, Tobie was just yelling ‘Din Din’ ? That is one well trained dog.

    Cattle are a pita. We have a pair of cows, along with a donkey for their protection and pasture maintenance (eating plants the cows won’t touch). They aren’t mean, but their strength and bulk just pushing each other around can do remarkable damage quickly without even meaning to do so. Still – have to fix their influences.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Meh, you’d best go on back to the city pilgram.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    You’re complaining about the cows providing free fertilizer for your “lawn”???

  5. Anonymous says:

    Free fertilizer for the pear tree 🙂

  6. Klaus says:

    Exactly,scoop it up and put it around your pear tree. It was a gift if you care to look at it that way. I just paid my neighbor (farm) to dump a couple of yards of manure here yesterday.😉

  7. Mike says:

    Cows are just jerks.

  8. Mark Matis says:

    Now Mike, they just never learned the basics of what to do when you are around livestock. NEVER take your eyes off them. Even after they got the cow out of the tree, they were still looking at the tree instead of the cow!

  9. Joel says:

    😀 Really. That animal had “all I have to do is f*ck those two up and I can make my escape” written all over it. Never take your eyes off freaked-out livestock.

  10. AL in I cola wan a says:

    Hahaha! Loved that video! And right, those guys were young and dumb. As was said… Never take eyes off of livestock…. I have a beautiful heifer. Came here at a couple weeks old and raised as an orphan. About 45# last Jan. Now she’s around 700# and very friendly. I carry a big stick when I’m in the field with her.
    And I would be putting the deposits around the pear tree. Maybe cover it with some card board or ? to help curb the interest in its food appeal.

  11. AL in ocklawaha says:

    Spell check gave my home town a really interesting name

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