Overnight yech…

Wet and heavy, already sagging off any slanting surface. Just when the mud was starting to dry…

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One Response to Overnight yech…

  1. RCPete says:

    Our border collie likes to run back and forth along the fence and bark at the neighbor’s dog across the road. We had a freeze yesterday morning that thawed out later on. With all the running on the same track, she got seriously muddy, and our black and white (and brown–tricolor) dog was black and not-quite so black.

    Now she’s had a bath and we’re afraid she’ll grow to like it. Going out for a pee break means I have to use a leash to keep her out of the mud. Neither dog nor human are thrilled with this.

    Cold & snowy versus cool and muddy. I’ll take the snow. At least I can plow that stuff.

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