Pallets for Pullets

I’ve got to do something about these poor hens. I’ve got one fine, fat sleek Rhode Island Red and two that look like battered housewives.

I don’t recall who suggested putting axle grease on the wounds to discourage pecking, or why that seemed like a good idea to me, but a) it doesn’t seem to work very well, and b) the chickens hated me before I did that. Now they seem to think I’m something out of a cheap horror movie.

Neighborhood consensus is that the cause of the problem is overcrowding. They seem to get along well enough when they’re out in their yard, tiny as it is, but the coop is really small. So I need to move forward the chicken coop project, though it’s been too damned cold the past couple of weeks to get very enthusiastic about it. Plus I haven’t been feeling all that well. All I have for building materials right now is pallets, but there are plenty of those – and it turns out pallets are a very popular way to make coops. My next excuse is chicken wire: Lack of. But that got solved yesterday, with access to most of a roll. In short, the chickens are suffering and I’m pretty much out of excuses. Time to get on this thing!

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2 Responses to Pallets for Pullets

  1. Brian Dunbar says:

    two that look like battered housewives.

    I remember when a king snake found our coop. Didn’t kill the hens, but it did get in there and eat their eggs for a week or so. Egg production dropped to nothing and we thought they looked a little stressed out …

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